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Providing Expert, Child-Centered, and Parent Inclusive, Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Does your child struggle with certain developmental tasks? Here at Co-Motion we are experienced in treating a wide range of developmental delays and difficulties. Together, we will work to ensure that your child is achieving their potential. 

Occupational Therapy done right

At Co-Motion we take a unique approach to occupational therapy and provide a range of services uniquely tailored to your child's needs. 

1-1 Individual Therapy

At your child's home, school

or our office.

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jeremy-mcknight-11GZVrMzfUU-unsplash (1)

Group Therapy

We offer groups with a focus on handwriting skills, strength building, social skills, and sensory difficulties.

Curriculum Design

Specialized curriculums to ensure your child's success in the classroom.

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jeremy-mcknight-11GZVrMzfUU-unsplash (1)

Consultation Services

Providing OT guidance for teachers, parents and support personnel.


Treatment we specialize in

Occupational therapy can provide the relief and transformation you've been waiting for if your child has difficulties in any of the areas outlined below. 


ADL / Self
Help Skills


Premotor / Graphomotor Skills


Motor Skills




Perceptual Skills



Core and Upper
Body Strength


What parents have to say

jeremy-mcknight-11GZVrMzfUU-unsplash (1)

Diana is a top notch OT. Diana’s professionalism places her a cut above other clinicians in her field. She treats each child as an individual person with specific interests and needs. She will research continuously, collaborating with other professionals and educate herself to get to the crux of all issues so that each of her clients has the best outcome. As a parent, she has consulted with me on several of my children and I have always found her ideas and tools to be spot on. She is caring and takes a special interest in each case, always inquiring as to their well being and asking if perhaps things need to be tweaked or changed. Diana does not back down from more “hard to treat” cases-rather she will work hard to find the blend of treatment that works best. I highly recommend Diana in any professional environment!

Mother to Rachel - 5 years old



Is your child in need of Occupational Therapy?

Their journey towards a brighter
future begins with a simple call.

1 - Consultation

Book a free 15-minute phone or video consultation to decide which OT services are a good fit for you and your child.

2 - Plan of Action

A therapist is paired to work with your child and gets in touch to collaborate on a holistic plan which takes into account the unique needs of your child.  

3 - Implementation

The treatment process begins and therapist, parent, and child start out on the path to creating success and independence in your child's life.

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