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Adina Rotstein


Setting children up for success

Hi There!

I’m Adina Rotstein, a Colorado based pediatric occupational therapist.

I feel passionately about working with children and providing care that allows them to thrive and succeed. I've worked with children in a wide range of settings, which has allowed me to develop an extensive array of tools and techniques to assist children who are struggling.


I've worked as a school based therapist seeing children with OT problems ages 2-5. I also work as an early intervention provider in homes as I believe the earlier a child and their families receive the help that they need, the better! I have also worked in a sensory gym treating children with sensory processing disorder. 

I provide a lens backed with 8+ years of experience which gives me the ability to see what others might miss. This experience brought me to working as a consultant teaching parents, teachers, and providers how to support and help their students/children. 

I am dedicated to every child and family that I provide services for, and believe that every child can succeed with the right tools! 

I can't wait to connect with you all soon :)




Is your child in need of Occupational Therapy?

Their journey towards a brighter
future begins with a simple call.

1 - Consultation

Book a free 15-minute phone or video consultation to decide which OT services are a good fit for you and your child.

2 - Plan of Action

A therapist is paired to work with your child and gets in touch to collaborate on a holistic plan which takes into account the unique needs of your child.  

3 - Implementation

The treatment process begins and therapist, parent, and child start out on the path to creating success and independence in your child's life.

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